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Please make use of the progressions here and give your playing an upgrade.

The progressions here are in the key of Ab

Progression 1

2-5-1 Progression
Bb F C / C# Ab C Eb
Eb Bb / C# F# B Eb
C F Ab D

Another One
Bb F / Ab C C# F
A E / G B C# F#
Ab C Eb / F Bb Eb

Another One
Bb F / C C# F Ab
C# G / C E G
Ab Eb F / C Eb F Bb

Another One
This one is a Jazzy one
Bb F C / C# Ab C Eb
Eb Bb C# / E G C Eb
Ab Eb Bb / C E G C

Another One
This one is an irregular one and it sounds funny. You would normally use it as a final 2-5-1
Bb F Ab / C# F Ab C
Eb Bb C/ C# F G C
C F# / Bb D F# Bb

This one is a vamp and it can really add a lot of color to your playing if you add some runs to it.
5 - 1 - 4 - 7flat

Eb Bb Eb / F# C# F Ab
Eb Eb F# / A C F Ab
Ab C Eb F / Eb Ab C
E Bb C# / Eb Ab C Eb
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Another Flavor
F# Bb C# F / Ab C# F Ab or Bb C# F Ab
F# Bb C F / C F A C
C# F Ab C / Eb Ab C
E Bb / Eb Ab C
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The Circle of Fifths (F - Bb - Eb - Ab - C# - G - C)
Eb G Ab C / Eb G Bb
Ab D / G C E G
Eb Bb F / F# C# F Ab
F# C / F Bb D F
C# Ab Eb / F Bb C Eb
F B / F Bb C#
E Bb C# / E Ab C Eb
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Here is a 4 - 3 - 6 progression
C# F Ab / C Eb Ab
C E / Bb Eb Ab
Eb G Ab C / Bb Eb G (LH and RH are on the same octave)

Progressions to explain some chords on the More Chords page
Example A
This one is a 5- 4 - 1 progression
Eb Bb / C# F F# Bb
Ab Eb F# / C F A C
C# F / Bb Eb Ab

Example B
This is a 1 - 2 - 3 progression that you can play before you play a 4 chord
Ab Eb / G C
Bb F / Ab C#
C G / Bb Eb
C Eb F / Ab C Eb, C Eb E / Ab Bb Eb

Here is another variant
Ab / C F G C
Bb / C# Ab Bb C#
C / Eb Bb C Eb, C# Ab / Eb Ab C


  1. how exactly do u play these progressions.

  2. So how do you play these chords exactly because i jus see a list that i dont know

  3. hi
    the combination on the left is for ur left hand. the one after the slash is ur right hand. then you just play them in succession.

  4. if am running a scale on my right hand,for example,the natural minor scale or the blue scale,what chords can i accompany it with to form a jazz improvisation?

  5. your blog is the best i've ever laid my hands on seen i began my research online.God richly bless u for making this materials available for our betterment.u are indeed a brother from another mother..........kudosssss

  6. this is just what i needed. God bless u

  7. i'm glad u find this site very useful. God bless u guys

  8. hi...great work there....can u give a 6-5-4 progression in the key of c...jazzy..u could jx put it in the reply to my comment...thank u

  9. okay, lemme give you this one. Lemme know if you like it. Last 2 chords are ditones... on key C
    DA / CFAC
    GB / FBb Eb
    CEBb / DF#AD

  10. Am sorry, I was busy so i mistakenly gave you a 2-5-1. Now a 6-5-4...
    DGbGB / ADGb
    GACE / GCE

    Lemme know if you like this one too :)

  11. I thought I saw you explaining the circle of 4th somewhere or I'm I mistaken cos I can't find it on the blog.

  12. circle of 5th and circle of 4ths are the same.e.g A, E, G, C, F, B, E... The distance btw upper E frm A is 4 while distance btw A and lower E is 5... So it's the same

  13. I play very static without fills or rhythm. How can I develop fills and rhythm in playing the progressions? People always say - breakup the chords - exactly how?

  14. i love all the progression, bt how to apply them are my problem

  15. hi colalex and other fans of this blog who need better understanding of application of the chords and or further explanations, please we're working on uploading videos and adding more posts. I've just been busy but in little time from now you'll be getting videos and more for further explanations.
    Thank you

  16. The 6-5-4 progression u gave@oluwajoba..hw cum the 6th starts wit 'G' on the key of C on d left hand.recheck ur post and dat 2-5-1 u gave earlier is it correct?i appreciate ur post

  17. To the last Mr. Anonymous, the chord are correct. It looks otherwise because the left hand combinations are chords. They would sound nice if you have a bass player

    Lemme know if you have more questions

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