Monday, April 1, 2013

Learn Various, Scales, Progressions and more with this cool Piano Learning Software

music learning software brought by play keyboard better

Explore various chords, progressions and over sixty (60) piano scales from all around the world... Yes! over 60 scales.
Imagine what this software could do to your piano skills

What you can do with this piece of cool software

  • watch the scale being transposed accordingly
  • Instantly create your own scale by clicking with your mouse on a piano key on the screen
  • Create scales by entering notes manually in the input field
  • Change the root note (Tonic) on piano keys

This software is ideal for anyone with interest in chord inversions, intervals, scales and exploring chord progressions.
It's good for you as a gospel pianist no matter what level you are; you should find this software very useful.

Note that this software is absolutely free.

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