Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How Much Passion Do I Have For Piano?

As we all know, our passion for things we do in life motivates us to improve at doing them or just motivates us to do these things. You may really desire to play keyboard better but you might need to ask yourself: 

How much passion do I really have for playing?
You may desire to improve your skills as a keyboardist but you may not have the passion to fuel your desire.
From my own point of view, I would also like to state that your passion for something could also be a decision you have made. Even the scriptures says that whatsoever your hand finds doing, do it well.

For me, my passion for playing is more of a decision, that is why at times, when I don't feel like practicing, I just get up, put myself in front of the keyboard and just play something because I just want to get better at playing it.

So this is meant to encourage you make it your passion to play piano/keyboard. Desire to get better and set goals for yourself.
You should also note that when you set goals for yourself, you might not accomplish these goals in the time frame you anticipated, I think that happens to everyone. You just have to keep at it.

How My Passion Fuels My Skills

I will put it this way: "I literally practice all the time"
Yes! As long as I am awake, I am practicing in my head. Sometimes I can learn a whole song mentally and without prior practice, I just jump on the keyboard and play the song. Now this is something I have been doing since I was little and now I have mastered the art of doing it.

If you are a pianist and people have not caught you playing imaginary keys once in a while, you probably do not have that much passion. Now don't get me wrong; I am not saying it has to be like that, but for me, I have been caught several times doing that and it only shows how much I think about piano, and my desire to improve at playing it.

So, I encourage you to develop passion and enthusiasm if you really want to improve. Let it become part of you. Don't ever give yourself an excuse not to practise. If you don't have a keyboard to practice, buy one and just play something everyday.

Also make sure to have a practice plan. On this page on this website, I explained in details how to have a keyboard practice plan. Please have a look at it as it should help you. Do not play the same thing you have been playing, try to play something that challenges you. These tips should help you to play keyboard better.

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