Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miracle by Marvin Sapp Progression

This post is in response to a request made by someone on one of my posts. In this post I'm giving out the chords (Left and Right hands) to the song Miracle as simply as I can and I hope it really helps your playing. The song is in the key of E flat.

Note that I put some of the chords there without the left hand part(Those are the chords that stand alone without another chord beside it i.e seperated with a slash) and the ones that have 2 slashes signify that you hold the left hand part of the chord while you play the other 2 right hand chords one after the other.


G Bb Eb/F Bb Eb G,
G Bb Eb/G C F

Time for your miracle...
Bb C Eb G, Bb D Eb F, G Ab C Eb, F Ab B D, G Bb C F, G Bb C# E

You press your way...
Eb G Ab C, Bb F Ab/C Eb Bb/B D G Bb, G Bb C F, B F G/Bb Eb G

In the midst of the crowd
Bb D C F, G Bb C# E, Ab C Eb G

Came in anyway
Bb F/Ab C Eb F/Ab B Eb F, Eb Bb C#/F Ab C Eb/G C Eb,

I can hear you say within yourself...
Bb C Eb G, Ab D/F Bb D F, F A Bb D/F A C

If I can just touch...
Bb D Eb G

It's your time for your miracle....

That's a simple version of the chords for the song Miracle by Marvin Sapp.