About Us

Gospel Keys Easy; formerly known as Play Keyboard Better is a blog that started in the early months of 2010. It was created by Oluwajoba Odesanya to help beginner Gospel Pianists improve on their playing skills.

Oluwajoba has since then grown from the intermediate level to a Professional level as a Gospel Pianist.

Gospel Keys Easy has experienced many phases including long months of inactivity and blog visual modifications which is still going on.

Gospel Keys Easy has now grown from being a blogger blog to a full featured site where you can get very useful resources like videos, quality articles and general music information.

In June, 2013 we started making full lessons based on three categories (Beginner. Intermediate, Advanced)
These three categories will help most musicians based on their skill level.

Our lessons are taught on a 'play by ear' basis. Play by ear means that you are taught what to play without the necessity to go through music classes or learning how to sight-read. The benefit of this is that the whole piano learning process becomes an easy one.

Please go through the site for useful information for you.

Gospel Keys Easy is managed by Oluwajoba for KB Systems and Solutions