Thursday, June 27, 2013

Introduction | Beginner Lessons

Gospel Keys Easy has now moved up to the next level by giving lessons based on three levels of playing which are beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Over the years Gospel Keys Easy (formerly Play Keyboard Better) has helped gospel pianists and I appreciate the positive feedback I get from the regular users of this site.

Now we take things to the next level by offering full lessons meant to educate you systematically based on your level of playing.

What I will be offering on this site is unique. It is a very unique approach to teaching gospel piano online. I have seen what is done on many other sites and I promise to make what you get here a unique one.

I always tell myself
"I'm gonna offer the best gospel piano lessons on my site"
So yea, you will get the best from here :)

It is my joy writing this post. It is the first one which is meant for the absolute beginner in piano-playing
Below are download links to an article for you to read and a video to explain things.

For posts found under the lessons category and beginner sub-category you will get a downloadable article and video but not for all posts. Details will always be stated for more information on what is contained therein.

Downloadable document highlights:
  • What you should do in order to start playing the piano and being a gospel musician that you desire to be 
  • Features To Look Out For In a Keyboard For A Beginner Examples of keyboards you can get as a beginner 
  • An overview of the keyboard 
  • How to count the number of octaves on a keyboard Piano Keys 
  • How notes on the keyboard are named 
  • Getting Started Playing the Keyboard

Click to visit second lesson which is titled Piano Fingering
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