Monday, March 18, 2013

The Best in Me - Marvin Sapp Basic Progressions: Video

The Best in me is a song I've been quite listening to for some time now. I really love the progression. Gives me the bumps. I've also been practicing the progressions on all 12 keys. Below are 2 videos from YouTube. Hope you like and gain from them.

.. ... ...

Ok, that was the post as it's been for many months ago.
Tonight, for the first time since I've started promising videos, I have the first video up. And I'm very happy about this.
The old video from YouTube is now gone.
I present to you The Best In Me - Marvin Sapp (Played by me) lol

I hope you're able to grab a lot from the video. I tried to play it as simple as possible

Some of the prominent/important chords from the video

Eb F G Bb D / F Bb D
D Gb C / F Bb D
G Bb C D / F A C
F C Ab / Bb Eb G Bb
Bb Ab / D G Bb
A / G C F
B / A D G

Please try to watch the video many times so you can grab it
Here is the video